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BenQ MS506 Review

BenQ MS506 (9H.JA477.13E/9H.JA477.14E) 

SmartEco - technology that helps to save the environment

BenQ has developed with Smart technology Smart Eco - a unique solution that allows you to dynamically manage the power consumption of the projector, depending on the mode of use and the type of projected image. In the MS506 projector with SmartEco technology, the average power consumption is reduced and the lamp life is increased.


SmartEco Mode

SmartEco mode allows the projector to automatically adjust the lamp power and intelligently set the lamp brightness to the maximum energy saving level, while maintaining the best contrast and brightness of the image.


LampSave Mode

The cost of replacing the lamp in the projector is high enough. LampSave mode ensures dynamic adjustment of lamp power, thereby prolonging its life by 50%! Also up to 50% the frequency of lamp replacement is reduced. As a result, the cost of ownership and maintenance is reduced!


No signal from the source

Automatic switching to Eco Blank mode occurs after the projector is turned on when there is no input signal from the source for three minutes. Eco Blank - a mode that does not allow you to waste electricity and extends the life of the lamp.


Power consumption in standby mode is <0.5W

In Standby mode, the MS506 consumes less than <0.5W of power. This will help extend the life of the lamp projector, as well as reduce the cost of electricity.


Play music in standby mode

The projector with built-in speakers, equipped with an audio system, so you can listen to your favorite music, even when the projector is in standby mode.


Quick access to the lamp module

In order to easily replace the lamp in the projector, the lamp compartment was placed under the top cover of the housing. If suddenly, during the lesson the lamp broke, it can be changed without interrupting the occupation.


Embedded learning templates

Has a built-in training template, which certainly will be a great help both for the teacher and for the students. The template includes 4 different layouts (Writing a Letter, Sheet Sheet, Worksheet, Grid) that are available in both the regular school board and whiteboard mode.



Brief specifications 3200 ANSI lumen / 800 x 600 / 1.8 kg


Supported Resolution From VGA (640x480) to UXGA (1600x1200)


Category For schools and colleges


Contrast level 13 000: 1


Physical resolution 800x600


Aspect ratio 3: 4


Range of the projection distance, m (min-max) 2.19 - 12.24


Screen diagonal, m (min - max) 1.52 - 7.62


Noise level, dB Economy. 28 / Norm. 33


Interfaces and video signals

2 x VGA input (combined with component)

1 x VGA out

1 x Composite video input (RCA)

1 x S-Video (4-pin Mini-DIN)

1 x Audio Input (Mini Jack)

1 x Audio Output (Mini Jack)

1 x USB (Type B)

1 x RS232

1 x IR receiver