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A few interesting facts about the company DELL

The history of this company - one of the leading manufacturers of notebooks, netbooks, desktops, servers, as well as smartphones - is, first of all, the story of its founder Michael Dell. His life is an ideal illustration of the "American dream" that has come true.

Mike was born in 1965 in Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas). While still a schoolboy, he established himself as an enterprising person. At a time when peers were interested only in games, Mike earned a pretty decent amount for a teenager.

At the insistence of his parents, the young man went to study at the University of Texas at the dentist. At the age of 19 he began to sell computers to his own assembly. The deal went well and Mike decided to start his own company, calling it PC's Limited, having a starting capital of 1000 dollars. It was so successful that it learns further has lost all meaning. Michael left the university and was completely engaged in business. Thus, the date of foundation of modern Dell can be considered 1984.

In 1987, the company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation, under which it will exist until 2003. In the future, due to the fact that not only computers were released, a new name was adopted - the current Dell, Inc.

Dell went down in history as one of the most dynamically developing. When Mike was only 26 years old, his company was already on the Fortune 500 list. Very quickly, he also got on the list of the richest people in the US. At the age of 39, Dell leaves the post of manager, remaining, while on the board of directors.


So what's the success of Dell? In addition to the enterprising and perseverance of the founder, first of all, in an unusual approach for those years - the company traded its products personally, without resorting to the services of intermediaries. The new business model fully justified itself. First of all, due to the lack of intermediaries, the cost of computers was significantly reduced. And then, users had the opportunity to personally contact the manufacturer and report all the shortcomings he found, express their dissatisfaction. Thus, the company's management could learn about the shortcomings of the products in a timely manner and quickly eliminate them. Such an approach proved to be justified both in the West and in the East.

The main thing that stands out for Dell among such companies is its three main principles: that they have no business with intermediaries, never create warehouse stocks (and therefore be ready to change their direction at any time) and, most importantly, to show maximum respect and sensitivity, when communicating with customers. Dell provides the possibility of a wide choice of the configuration of the desired model. The buyer can choose among a rich set of colors of the shell.

However, despite the dynamics of the development process, the history of Dell is not distinguished by vivid facts. This hard work, successful solutions and various models of computer technology, among which there was not a single very bright and interesting device. In an attempt to compete with Apple, Dell is developing a line of stylish notebooks Adamo. The devices turned out to be interesting, memorable, but in general, they were met with the public quite cool.

To date, the number of employees of the company is already tens of thousands, and incomes are estimated in billions.

The company's headquarters is in Round Rock, Texas, USA (Round Rock, Texas, USA).

Interesting Facts:

Speaking about Dell, you can not fail to mention a few interesting facts related to both Dell and another famous American company - Apple.


Those who know the history of computer technology remember that at the end of the last century, Apple stood on the brink of bankruptcy. The press was full of opinions on the topic "what should Apple do for salvation?" Articles with a similar theme appeared both on pages of little-known, as well as very respected journals. But really, no one believed in the salvation of the "fruit company". When a similar question was asked of Mike Della, he replied that the best solution would be to dissolve the company by giving out money to depositors. In response, Apple said that from now on its main competitor is considered to be Dell. And the genius of Steve Jobs allowed not only to resist, but to surpass the capitalization of the recent offender (although most of the market is still owned by Dell).


One day, at the dawn of the iPod era, someone asked Jobs if he was afraid that such a device would be created by Dell, which has much more potential. What was followed by a simple but capacious answer: "Have you ever heard of Dell fans?"


In fact, Dell's connection with Apple, somewhat deeper than one might imagine - Mike's first computer, with which he started his hobby for this technique, was once insanely popular, Apple II. He was presented to him by his parents in 1980, when the boy turned 15 years old.