FLY Mobiles User Manuals PDF

Interesting facts about Fly

1. Fly started with the company "Meridian Telecom", which did not produce its own phones, but took ready and pasted their logo on them.

2. Since 2013, all Fly products will be double-ended - this is the new policy of the party.


3. Fly Mobile last year suddenly took the third place in sales in Russia, ahead of LG (although brands familiar with Gfk's reports do not agree with this data).


4. In "Meridian Telecom" until recently, the man-Twitter Eugene Kozlov.


5. Founder Fly (according to unconfirmed sources) earned a fortune on the product Herschi Cola


6. Fly Mobile has acquired its own production and design bureau, so that the last four years it produces its own products.


7. Chief designer Fly - the same person who once created the design of the cult and legendary Philips 9 @ 9

8. Among the other "major in the office" are people who once led to a bright future not only for Philips, but also for brands like Motorola, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Coca-Cola and Sendo (someone here still remembers the enchanting Sendo X on Symbian?).