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IceMobile was founded by Ralph Cohen in 2002 with the vision that mobile Internet will become the most important means in people's lives. Mobile technologies will allow brands to offer relevance and value when adding services to their customers, which will lead to more personal relationships and true customer loyalty.


We have always believed that people, user experience and technological innovation matter. That's why we managed to become a leader in the market of high-quality mobile services. Our solutions for clients such as KLM, Vodafone, Albert Heijn, Philips, Heineken, Samsung and ABN Amro not only led to a number of prestigious awards, but more importantly: millions of people use our services every day.


In 2010, we raised the bar even further. We wanted to become a leader in the global market of mobile customer loyalty in retail. That's why we merged with BrandLoyalty in 2012, the world leader in loyalty programs for retail food retailers. This basically allowed us to deploy with retail food on all continents.


The merger was extremely successful. Together with BrandLoyalty, we can create mobile loyalty programs for the largest retailers of food products in the world. By the end of 2013, BrandLoyalty and IceMobile were acquired by Alliance Data Global Leader (NYS ADS), which further strengthened our position. Meanwhile, nothing has changed our strong culture and mission to become the best provider of mobile communications services for food retailers all over the world.


IceMobile has a unique offer with the creativity of the award-winning agency and technological expertise of the system integrator. Crossing these skills under one roof is symbolized by our logo with two intersecting triangles.

Looking at international expansion in 2012, IceMobile decided to focus on the food retail industry and teamed up with BrandLoyalty to become the leading mobile loyalty company in the world. Together with BrandLoyalty we have offices in 14 countries and more than 50 years. We work for the world's leading retail food retailers in providing loyalty services that win hearts and wallets - official site