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InFocus Corportion is a private US company based in Tigard, Oregon. Founded in 1986, the company produces DLP and LCD projectors, as well as large-scale interactive systems with touch screens, touch screen displays, tablets, smartphones, video conferencing equipment (VCS), offers VCS services. In the past, the public company, whose shares were listed on NASDAQ, in 2009 InFocus was purchased by Image Holding Corp. and now is its subsidiary with 100% private capital. Headquartered in Tigard, Oregon.


InFocus is the owner of the ASK Proxima brand - the company previously produced products under the trademarks ASK, Proxima and InFocus Screen Play.

InFocus was formed in 1986 by Steve Hicks and Paul Gulik. Together with Planar Systems and Clarity Visual Systems, it is among the top three companies in the market of computer displays based on Textronix natives. In 2002, the company moved to its new headquarters in the town of Wilswil, Oregon. At that time, the company staff was 1200 people.

In mid-2005 InFocus acquired the company TUN (The University Network), which was engaged in the promotion of digital media and flat-panel TVs for colleges and in 2006 sold it to Submedia LLC. Later, the company was put up for public auction on NASDAQ as INFS. On May 28, 2008, Image Holding Corporation, led by John Hui, was acquired, the transaction value was $ 39 million. In October 2009, the company announced that in December 2009 she moved to Tigard, Oregon, since her headquarters was too large for relatively small staff. At the time of the move, the staff was reduced to 110 people and occupied just over half of the office. By 2012, the company staff has undergone further reduction and totaled only 90 people, and revenues were $ 150 million. By 2014, InFocus had 120 employees, and the company entered one of the 25 largest companies in Oregon with technologies developed within the state

InFocus manufactures a wide range of products designed for a variety of applications - education, business, government corporations, home users. The main activity of the company is the production of projectors. The range includes models of all major categories: ultraportable, short focus, interactive, for office and education, for large events, for home theater - from entry level to sophisticated professional with interchangeable optics. InFocus projectors are available with brightness up to 8300 ANSI lumens and resolution up to WUXGA.


Recently, in the light of the most relevant modern trends, its range also includes devices of the Collaboration Technology format: large-scale interactive Mondopad systems, BigTouch touchscreen computers, JTouch touch screens, MVP100 videoconferencing systems, QTablet tablets, accessories, peripherals and software for digital signatures and video calls. Since 2013, InFocus is participating in a joint project with the Taiwanese company FIH Mobile LTd for the production of smartphones under its own brand InFocus.