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Review of navigator-registrar Prestigio Geovision 5800

GPS-navigator and DVR in the form of separate devices - not the most convenient combination. Especially when, parked in some depressive area, you have to hide all this economy in a glove compartment, and then again attach it to the windshield. And so several times a day.


Prestigio Geovision 5800BTHDDVR greatly simplifies the task: in a compact package, the user receives a navigation device with pre-installed cards, a high-quality DVR, a hands-free device and a media player.

  • Touch screen TFT-screen, 5 inches (800 x 480)
  • Processor SiRF Atlas, 2-core, ARM11, 664 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB DDR2 / 4 GB Flash
  • Software: Win CE.NET 6.0
  • Maps: Navitel 5.1
  • Expansion Slot: 2xMicroSD
  • Bluetooth
  • Handsfree
  • FM Transmitter
  • Videography of 1280x720, 30fps
  • Camera viewing angle: 120 degrees
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • Infrared illumination
  • Automatic overwrite
  • Software for viewing and converting a captured video

Standard equipment - except the navigator-registrar in the box there was a car charger, a USB cable for connection to a PC, a prefabricated mount and an instruction manual. Separately, you will need to buy microSD memory cards.


One card is used for video shooting, the second is for storing music or movies. By the way, with a 2 GB card, the DVR refused to work. It will take at least 4 GB, or better - more.

5-inch screen Geovision 5800 has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and is equipped with a special anti-reflective coating, which is especially important for the motorist.


In the daytime, you can safely set the backlight level to a maximum, and you're guaranteed not to experience discomfort.

All icons of the graphic interface are large enough to conveniently use the touch screen with your fingertip. When the situation allows, you can use any other object that will act as a stylus.


In car recorders, the presence of wide-angle optics is very important, which would allow to cover a maximum of space in front of the car's hood. With this, the Geovision 5800 is all right - the viewing angle is close to 120 degrees, which is enough for most situations. Video shooting is carried out with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at a speed of 30 frames per second.


The stabilization function is not provided, so the video reflects all defects in the road surface well. On the other hand, it is much more important for a car registrar to fix what is happening, rather than artistry.