Toshiba 3D Glasses manuals

Specifications and description Toshiba FPT-AG02G

3D-glasses of an active type, designed exclusively for Toshiba TVs. The design of glasses has an interesting feature: with a formal "L" size, the special mount included in the kit allows them to be used by children. Also worth noting the possibility of using with conventional glasses. Battery life is 70 hours.

3D-glasses Toshiba FTP-AG02G with active shutter Active Shutter technology for viewing 3D video with Toshiba TV series TL838, WL863, YL863, Zl1. Eyeglasses are powered by a battery, which is charged when the accessory is connected to the USB port of the TV.


The Active Shutter glasses are synchronized with the refresh rate of the TV by means of an infrared transmitter built into the TV.

  • Signal Source TV
  • Class 3D Glasses
  • Built-in headphones No
  • Connecting IR glasses
  • Type with LCD shutters
  • Interface for connecting to a USB signal source
  • Additional Features Compatible with Toshiba TV series TL838, WL863, YL863, Zl1
  • Battery life: 23 hours
  • Dimensions 173 x 42 x 173 mm
  • Weight 35g
  • Warranty 12 months