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Toshiba Medical Systems

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation - Japanese transnational company for the production of medical diagnostic equipment.

Development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of medical equipment (including diagnostic X-ray systems, medical X-ray CT systems, magnetic resonance imaging systems, ultrasonic diagnostic systems, radiotherapy systems, nuclear medicine diagnostic systems, medical sample testing equipment, and information systems for medical equipment).

  • The world's first device for ultrasound diagnosis of the brain in 1966.
  • The world's first ultrasonic diagnostic instrument in real time in 1973
  • The world's first ultrasonic diagnostic device in the spectral Doppler mode in 1981
  • The world's first ultrasonic diagnostic device in color doppler mode in 1985
  • Manufacture of a fully digital ultrasonic diagnostic device in 1994.
  • The world's first spiral computer tomograph in 1986
  • The world's first fully digital ultrasound system and the first chip on charge-coupled devices with 1 million pixels in 1993
  • The world's first open superconducting magnet in 1997
  • The world's first CT scanner with 0.4s - scanning in 2002
  • The world's first ultrasound 1.5TT MRT system in 2003
  • The world's first computer tomograph with 64 slices in 2004
  • At the end of 2005, TOSHIBA manufactured and installed a 200,000th ultrasound instrument.
  • The world's first 320-slice dynamic volumetric CT scanner, the first ultra-short 1.5TL MR system with an open aperture of 71 cm, the first ultrasound system with 3D speckle technology for tracking the movement of the heart wall in 2007.
  • The first Viamo expert-class portable system, the first ultra-short 3.0TL MR system with an open aperture of 71 cm in 2009.
  • First ultrasound system with Fly Through (Thru) technology in 2011
  • In March 2016, the company was sold to another Japanese corporation, Canon.