Many users compare ZOPO to Apple and have the right to do so. The brand started its journey at the end of 2011, which allowed in early 2012 to already get recognition and popularity among customers. Due to the fact that the company was able to combine high quality, low price and decent technical characteristics, it attracted buyers and their likes.


Goals and objectives

The very abbreviation of the company contains the assessment and aspirations of the manufacturer (Zealous-arduous, Open-open, Perfect-beautiful, Outstanding-outstanding). The main headquarters is located in Shenzhen, which, in turn, is located in China. ZOPO company works under the slogan: "Innovation, Dream and Trust" and sets goals for itself: "To bring to the greatest possible number of clients the joy and pleasure of intellectual technologies". I want to note that ZOPO perfectly copes with the tasks set, and it pleases us with the release of its high-tech products.


The company relied on 2-sim devices with interesting solutions or characteristics. It is thanks to his brainchild ZOPO ZP200, the manufacturer received a lot of supporters, because the smartphone could play 3D video without special glasses. Due to the rapid development, Zopo stores began to appear in other cities of China. Of course, the main market was the home country, but this does not prevent foreign customers from buying new items through online stores.


Unlike other manufacturers, the company does not want to limit the production of smartphones, which results in a huge range of new products. Of course, not all smartphones are equipped with the latest configurations, there are also budget versions. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the budget version of the Zopo smartphone may be inferior to other manufacturers of budget smartphones. It is in this case, and you can meet the comparison of Zopo with Apple. Nevertheless, flagship devices deserve attention, and novelties are always pleased with their originality.



In addition to the production of communicators, the company ZOPO pleases us with the release of original accessories to them: covers, reinforced batteries, various protective films and much more. The management of ZOPO, sets tasks not only in the release and development of multi-functional communicators, but also in the general availability of these technologies. ZOPO cares about what each person could afford, buy a modern "Zopo-smartphone" at an attractive price.