Schemes, disassembly, repair and review of Apple AirPods

Following the disassembly of the wireless headphones Apple AirPod was assigned a maintainability rating of 0 out of 10. Note, a higher score indicates the ease of repair. Accordingly, 0 points indicate the complete inapplicability of the device to repair. Such headphones are disposable, and with a minimal breakdown, you will need to purchase a new kit.

During disassembly it was discovered that access to the components inside the enclosure is impossible without the destruction of the outer shell. The only way to fix the components of the headphones and the complete cover is the glue.

In the headphones themselves, an extremely dense arrangement of components is observed. In a small casing, it was possible to place a printed circuit board, sound components, several sensors, an antenna and a battery with a capacity of 93 mWh (approximately 1% of the battery capacity of the iPhone 7).

In the complete case, which also serves as a docking station, a 1.52 Wh battery is used. It allows you to recharge the batteries of both headphones up to 8 times. Also in the case were found traces of poor-quality soldering. It is assumed that this aspect could cause a delay in sales of Apple AirPod.