Schemes, Disassembly, Repair and Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus

When disassembling the smartphone Apple iPhone 7 Plus - the device was rated five points on a ten-point scale.

To the pluses of the drugs attributed a relatively simple replacement of the battery and the reliability of the Home button, which is sensory. Note that the touch button has a weak side.

Home button of the Apple iPhone 7 does not respond to pressing in gloves. The problem is related to the work of fingerprint sensor Apple TouchID and also concerns the model of iPhone 7 Plus.

The touch button works only with direct contact with the user's skin.

In the cold season, using a smartphone will be inconvenient. The disadvantage is aggravated by the fact that iOS 10 certainly requires pressing the button to unlock, not to mention the fact that the button is also used in other cases.

Strengthened in comparison with the previous model, protection from dust and moisture makes repair difficult. On the other hand, the probability of damage to the smartphone from dust or water has decreased, and with it - and the need for repair. As before, the replacement of any component requires the dismantling of the screen, which is complicated by improved sealing.

An unambiguous disadvantage is the addition of a new type of cogs, as a result of which, in some cases, four screwdrivers may be needed for repair.

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