The lifespan of the iPhone and iPad - how many years will they work?

Hello! Buying any device, I always want to know - how much will this thing serve and when will it be necessary to run after the new one? And if we are talking about the iPhone or iPad, then this issue becomes especially relevant. Still, the technique of Apple is not cheap - I would like to buy and use as long as possible, and not change once a year or two.


Well, quite a fair desire. But to want is one thing, and a harsh reality is quite another. Let's see together how long the company pays for its devices and share their personal experience (I'm in the article, and you're in the comments) about the life cycle of the iPhone or iPad. Let's go!

So, let's immediately turn to official data. Where can I get them? You can certainly view the huge agreements, documents and other rules of use on the Apple website, but it's much easier to look at the box with the device. We turn the packaging and see ...

Service life is 5 years. And this is true for all mobile devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod. That's how much the company believes should work your device.


The first conclusion: the official expiration date of iOS devices is 5 years.

It would seem that this can be done, but ... this information runs counter to the data that is used by Apple itself. For example, on their website, in the answers section on environmental issues, they directly indicate that according to their calculations, the average lifetime of a product for one person is 3 years.

Although there is a fair clause that more often devices are used much more.


The second conclusion: The average period of use of the iPhone or iPad (according to Apple) is 3 years.

Well, now a little personal experience about how much the iPhone actually can work. And now attention ... absolutely all the iPhone (which I had before this point) is still in working order. Even the old iPhone 4 (which came out in 2010!) Works fine and sometimes it even helps me out.


So if during the warranty period "no marriage" has gotten out and treats the device with care, it can work for 10 years. Although, of course, there are several points because of which such fantastic figures will be "in question":

  1. The first and most important is the battery. Perhaps this is the weakest point. How would you not followed him and did not care, no matter what calibration you did - in time its capacity drops. As it seems to me, it is necessary to be guided by the fact that it will last 3-4 years. Then, for normal operation, a replacement is required. Although ... I still use the iPhone 5S with a "native" battery and after 4 years it still gives 2.5-3 hours of active use.
  2. Technical obsolescence of the device. Every year more and more power is needed to process information, games, correct operation of the firmware ... It's clear that after years the iPhone will not stop ringing, but it will be harder to use it as a multifunctional smartphone.

If we talk about the iPad, its lifetime is even greater. For one simple reason - after all, the tablet is used less often than the phone (fewer battery recharge cycles) and for most users is not a necessity.


No wonder the sales of the iPad are falling - why buy a new one, if the old one works fine?

The third conclusion: in my opinion, Apple does not lie when it indicates in the documents that the life of its devices is five years. Even for the iPhone, this is a more or less real figure, and there's nothing to say about the iPad ...

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