Leef iBridge 3 User Guide & Review

Have you ever run out of memory on your iPhone or iPad, when you wanted to take a photo, download a movie or an application? Leef iBridge 3.0 is an external drive that extends the capabilities of your device, freeing up memory on it. Due to its compact size and ergonomic design, Leef iBridge 3.0 "hides" behind the phone, making it almost invisible. The drive is compatible with all devices with a Lightning port and works with the iBridge 3.0 application

Main features of Leef iBridge 3.0

  • Transfer and storage of files. Free up memory on your iPhone or iPad, transferring photos, movies and documents to Leef iBridge.
  • Backup. Automatically copy contacts and photos for safe storage.
  • Shooting. Take a photo and shoot the video directly on Leef iBridge 3.0
  • Playing media files. Take your media library with you and play on your iPhone / iPad in a convenient place.
  • Security. Create a password (or use the Touch ID) with LeefLock to protect all data in case the device is lost or stolen.

The updated application is now more understandable and more convenient

Improved the application interface, the fonts became more saturated and thicker. Large headings on the left top, tiled interface and white background. And also a simple and intuitive design of icons.

It's easy to use Leef iBridge

In order to take advantage of the drive, first of all, you need to connect Leef iBridge 3 to the iPhone or iPad. Then download the corresponding free application to optimize the operation of the device and facilitate the work with files. And you will be able to easily and conveniently transfer, save and use the information you need.

Differences between Leef iBridge 3.0 and previous generation models

Increased data transfer speed

The speed of data transfer has increased due to the use of protocol 3.1. The interface of the application is also optimized (the new photos are displayed first).

Implemented the data protection function

Clever LeefLock protection will help protect all user data. Apple Touch ID protection application (fingerprint or PIN code). Quick and intuitive setting.

Integrated cloud services

Deeper integration with cloud services. 4 cloud services are supported: Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Box. Improved management: the cloud is integrated into the file manager of the application, convenient movement of files between iBridge and cloud services.

Improved design and quality of materials

Comes with an original cap with a loop for the key fob. The materials are stronger and stronger (zinc alloy + thermoplastic elastomer). 20% more compact.