Nand Flash iPhone - what are these, bugs and how to fix them?

What is Nand Flash in the iPhone?

This is the internal memory of the device. Yes, yes, the very storage in which the place is constantly disappearing and which is often not enough for iPhone owners on 16 GB.


Roughly speaking, Nand Flash in the iPhone 7 32 GB is the very 32 GB of internal memory.

There is a memory on the main system board of the device and nothing remarkable is not allocated - the most common chip.


Naturally, this is not a USB flash drive - you can not disassemble iPhone, it's easy to disconnect Nand Flash, put another one and think that everything will be OK. Will not be. Although, it is worth mentioning that in some cases it is still possible. But about this a little further. In the meantime, we turn to the problems ...

Causes of malfunction

There are not so many options, and all of them are, as a rule, "standard":

  • Falls of the device.
  • Other physical damage.
  • Contact with liquids.
  • Marriage.
  • Jailbreak.

There is nothing to paint here - it's clear that if the device is thrown and poured with water, it will affect its performance.

Although, I'll note an item like factory marriage - it's also very possible. I witnessed a similar situation - the iPhone has just been bought, but it does not work properly - it reboots, shows errors when it's restored, and behaves strangely at all. They gave in service, as a result - the marriage of Nand Flash memory and the subsequent replacement of the device.

Symptoms of Flash Memory of iPhone

There are no clear and definite symptoms for this malfunction (there is no memory on the screen - your device has memory problems), so you can guess all this only by indirect signs:

  • The iPhone restarts when you turn it on.
  • The device "hangs on an apple" during boot.iPhone "hangs on an apple" - memory problems are possible
  • The firmware "flies" constantly.
  • When you try to restore iOS through iTunes, you get various errors.

ITunes Errors, Indicating Nand Flash Failure


Restoring the firmware via iTunes is the surest way to deal with various problems with the device. However, if the iPhone has problems with Nand Flash memory, the recovery process may be interrupted and accompanied by the following characteristic errors:


  • Error 21, 9, 2009, 4005, 14, 40, 4013 - they can all talk about problems with memory power supply, power supply faults, and various problems with Nand.
  • From the relatively "fresh", error 0XE8000013 - indicates an incorrect firmware Flash memory chip.

But, it's important to remember this - iTunes is arranged in such a way that the same error number can have several reasons.


For example, error 4013 can signal both problems with the chip itself and the unoriginal use of a wire to connect to a PC.

As you can see, the spread is very large - from simple wire to very complicated repairs. Therefore, you can use this list of errors for a preliminary analysis of the situation, but you can not blindly trust it.

Repair Nand Flash Memory - Is It Possible?


Maybe. But, of course, not "at home." Moreover, not all service centers are able to do this operation. For example, "in a tent on the market" you are most likely to not be able to help - there simply will not be the necessary equipment. And the skill, any, should be.

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