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5 interesting facts about the company Casio

1. CASIO is one of the most famous electronics manufacturers and one of the most recognizable brands in the world.



2. Since 1946, she constantly surprises the world with her novelties in the electronics world. The main credo of the company is creation and promotion. CASIO has always tried to create electronics less, easier, more durable and always offered the market new solutions.

3. The first mobile phone released by the company CASIO PH-100 was a convenient and functional device that won the popularity of consumers.


4. Nowadays, CASIO mobile phones are widely distributed in Japan and enjoy well-deserved popularity due to their impressive functionality and quality.



5. The manufacturer CASIO, recently, has greatly advanced in the development of anti-vandal smartphones in Japan. Periodically, it implements its already adapted, novelties in different developed countries of the world: the USA, South Korea, China. And the famous, for the whole world, brand-name shockproof abbreviation G-SHOCK smoothly migrated from the clock to mobile devices.