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Features and capabilities of Huawei smartphone with EMUI

Huawei smartphone features Among the best Chinese smartphone brands in those that conquer the market are at least three: Xiaomi, the number one in Asia, OnePlus with its ultra powerful Huawei smartphone, and then in Italy, now you can tell, passed all the competition with its models and above P9 P8 and P9 Lite.

Among the reasons for this success is not only the competitive price and good quality of construction, but also its Android interface, edited and with much more features than the original on every Android smartphone Huawei (P8, P9, Honor, Ascend, and others), which makes it's absolutely easier and more efficient than, say, Samsung's Android or Asus.

From Huawei P9 running Android 6 Zephyr changed with the interface Huawei Emotion UI also called EMUI.


1) The main screen resembles iOS, there is no startup application

EMUI software on Huawei makes Android more like an iOS system, if only because the applications are listed on the main screen, as it does not happen on other Android phones where there is an application launch.

Applications can be grouped into folders, and you can scroll down your finger to do a search, just like you would on an iPhone.

The home screen also has some settings (by tapping and holding on the screen) to change the graphic theme and transition effects.


2) Lock the screen

To lock the screen, Huawei offers a range of HD wallpapers, high quality, called cover art

The background changes every time you turn on the phone screen and you can easily change the background color by manually scrolling down your finger and clicking on the buttons to see the next or previous image, or by adding photos.

Swiping up from the bottom of the lock screen gives you quick access to some commonly used functions like a voice recorder, a calculator, a flashlight and a camera.

The Huawei EMUI screen lock is also better than the standard Android in a mode in which notifications are displayed, the most aesthetically and most elegant transparency in the background.


3) No Viruses

One thing that surprised me in Huawei smartphone is that, despite the profound changes in the Android system, there are no pre-installed applications that can not be removed (as is done for Samsung and Asus).

Even if you just bought a notice many games are installed, they can be freely deleted.

The result is that the modified Android system is not excessively large and does not take up too much internal storage, as it does on Samsung.


4) gestures with his finger and back of the head shots

Huawei smartphones with EMUI as P9 have a very special feature: "shot shots" with your finger.

For example, you can take a screenshot using a double fist shot or you can also start recording a schermousando video double hit with two joints on the screen (like you would for knocking on the door).

In addition, the fist shots also have a few gestures of configurable perform fast actions, for example, to make a call flipping the phone's mute switch or putting it to your ear to respond without having to touch any buttons.

You can also make sure that the ringer volume will be automatically lower when you pick up the phone and tilt it to move the icons and widgets.

All these options in the settings of traffic control.


5) Camera application

Huawei offers its customers its own very rich camera capabilities for their smartphone, easy to use on P9, with different shooting modes, which can be selected by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen (or left, in portrait mode).

A quick and easy way to go from auto to pro, just creep out the shutter button.


6) Pocket mode

On the Huawei P9 P9 Lite smartphone or call settings, you can find an option to enable pocket mode.

In fact, the phone automatically recognizes being in your pocket and raising the volume of the call to make sure that you hear it when it rings.


7) Privacy settings

Huawei's EMUI software takes care of the privacy of users by adding a set of options (in the security settings) that does not exist on the standard Android.

After that, you can hide some personal contacts, some private applications and several photos or a personal photo album that you can not see if you do not have permission.

Then you can create two passwords, personal and one for guests, so that you can keep the phone unlocked, but with some things you can not see.

In Phone Manager, you can also find a tool to block the opening of some applications with a password.