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10 most interesting facts about the company

Fact № 1. The name of the company Nokia comes from the city of the same name. In turn, the city is named so in honor of the river Nokianvirta, flowing through it.

Fact № 2. According to historical information, at first Nokia was a paper factory, and later was engaged in manufacturing of rubber products. After the merger with other companies, several main activities emerged: the production of rubber products, cables and electronics, wood processing and power generation. Over time, the main activity of the company was electronic equipment, and only then the release of communication equipment.

Now Nokia shoes are museum pieces, but you can still

buy branded rubber boots from the hands.

Fact № 3. When the Finns released the model phone 3410 to the Asian market, they sold only 148 pieces. Yes, exactly, and this is not a typo. Marketers began to puzzle over the causes of failure. Their search for an answer would most likely continue for a long time, if not for the cleaner of the main office, Nepalese by nationality. He suggested to the company's specialists that the figure "4" is unhappy in Asia. Since then, the number "4" is not used on models of Nokia phones in Asia.

Fact № 4. The standard sound of Nokia devices (the sound of an SMS message), which usually seems to the user as an unremarkable audio signal, is in fact a full-blown message. Only transmitted with the help of the Morse code. Thus, the signal is nothing more than the abbreviation Short Message Service, recorded with the above cipher. Most developers showed creativity when inventing the melody "Ascending". It means the whole slogan of the company: "Connecting people", which translates as "uniting people".

Fact № 5. Who does not want to be popular? I think, one way or another, everyone wants it. But very few people know how this can be achieved, and meanwhile the American indie rock band Plain Jane Automobile was able to fulfill its dream. They put their songs "The Village", "Stones" and "Close My Eyes" on more than a million Nokia phones as a standard ringtone. Thanks to this their songs became popular.

Fact № 6. The world's first paid call on a GSM cellular phone was made by Nokia in a network built on equipment manufactured by Nokia. A significant event occurred in 1991 in Helsinki, Finland's Prime Minister Harri Holkeri called.

Fact № 7. In 2003, Nokia developed the first smartphone based on Symbian with a touch screen. The company did not release it for sale, considering that the market is not ready for such devices and there will be no success. But Nokia for a long time continued to produce push-button phones. Now the company can boast of not one smartphone, which has successfully won its niche among the rest.

Fact № 8. Contrary to popular belief that the world's largest manufacturers of digital cameras Canon and Sony, this is not so. Sales of Nokia phones equipped with cameras exceeded similar sales from all competitors. Therefore, in fact, Nokia is the leader in this field.

Fact №9. The corporate and recognizable font Nokia - AgfaMonotype Nokia Sans was developed by German designer Eric Spekmerman. Prior to this, Nokia most often used the font Agfa Rotis.

Fact №10. In Nokia handsets, the call duration timer is automatically turned on directly with the initialization of the call, and not at the time of connection, except for 60-series phones, for example Nokia 6600.