Panasonic Mobiles pdf Manual

10 interesting facts about the company

1. In fact, Panasonic is just one of the trademarks of Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation. In addition to Panasonic, the company has other brands, namely Technics, National. Quasar, Ramsa.


2. The company received its name in honor of the founder Konosuke Matsushita.



3. Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation was founded in 1917, start-up capital amazes by its size - 100 yen. At first, the company specialized in the production of plugs. And her deeds were far from over.

4. The company's first competitive and lucrative goods are bicycle lamps that operated without recharging for up to 2 days. The lamp's competitors worked only a few hours.


5. In 1927 Konosuke met the word international, thanks to the dictionary he understood its meaning and realized that such a word could become the name of a new brand.


6. The first technically complex development of the company was a radio receiver.


7. In 1932, Panasonic acquired a patent for the production of radio equipment and shares its development with other market participants for free. This served as a powerful impetus for the development of electronic industry around the world.


8. The Panasonic brand might not have appeared, however the National brand, under which it was planned to sell electronics outside of Japan, was already busy in many countries.


9. In 2008, the Matsushita brand completely disappeared from all company product names, giving way to the Panasonic brand.


10. Panasonic Corporation - one of the largest in the world Japanese engineering corporation. As everyone knows, the corporation produces household appliances and electronics.