Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Charging Problem

In this post, I will tell you how to troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone that does not charge or will not respond when connected to a charger. So, if you are currently experiencing this problem, keep reading to find out how to do this, to exclude the possibility of discovering that the problem with the phone is in fact.


Therefore, if you have problems with the charge or problems connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to your computer via a USB cable, it's possible that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 charging connector is defective. Replacing it with a new one is the only solution. But if you accidentally print out the connectors of the USB connector, you must make jumpers, as shown in the diagram below.


  1. Not charging.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Prime heats up during charging.
  3. No response when charger is connected.

Causes of problems

  1. The charger may be faulty.
  2. The charging plug / pin may be faulty or dirty.
  3. Charging the docking station is faulty.
  4. The phone may be damaged by water, therefore damage to the charging dock / charging pin.
  5. There is also a possibility that the battery of the phone may be defective.
  6. Uneven voltage at different points of the charging dock.
  7. Any of the components or capacitors can be damaged or short.
  8. The power IC can also be faulty, so it is forbidden to charge the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.
  9. Battery pins may be rusted or damaged.

Hardware solution:


The problem is a charging pause or we call a thermistor.

so you need to remove the thermistor and replace it with another board.

Just follow the picture below.

To overcome the problem of water damage, all you need to do is:


Clean the docking station and check charging.


If the problem persists or if the contacts are damaged, you need to replace the entire charging dock.


Now check the voltage of the 1st pin (on the right) of the charging connector with a multimeter,  if there is a problem, reconnect the charging pin.


Now check the voltage on the capacitor if it is zero, and then check that it is not short. If not, then:


Check the connection between the charging pin and the capacitor if the connection is broken.


The board is provided to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950U via a capacitor.


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