Samsung  DeX Station for Galaxy S8 / S8+ PDF Manual

All the features of the computer desktop

  • Connect the Galaxy S8 or S8 + smartphone to the monitor, full-size keyboard and mouse with the Samsung DeX Station dock for multi-tasking combined with the simplicity and convenience of a familiar PC environment. Manage files, edit documents and watch streaming video on the big screen of the monitor, using your Galaxy S8 or S8 + as a full-fledged computer.

Easy to connect

  • Simply connect your Galaxy S8 or S8 + to the DeX Station dock, and you get instant access to everything that's on your smartphone. From the use of everyday applications to working with important documents - smart phones Galaxy S8 and S8 + effectively cope with the traditional tasks of the PC thanks to a powerful processor created using a 10-nm process technology.
  • The DeX docking station is like a candlestick. It allows you to install a smartphone and use its computing resources to handle the special environment of the Samsung Desktop Experience. The station contains HDMI video output for connecting a monitor and two USB ports for accessories and peripheral equipment. It supports keyboard and mouse connections, works with familiar keyboard shortcuts, and moves files with the mouse. Also available are a USB-C connector for recharging the smartphone and a built-in fan to cool the device under load.
  • Interfaces: HDMI,RJ-45,USB,USB Type-C
  • Supported OS: Android
  • Compatibiliry: Samsung S8, S8 Plus
  • Source of power: Net
  • Dimensions: 105.2 x 105.2 x 47.5 mm.
  • Weight : 230g
  • Color: Black