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Samsung Level U / Level U Pro

Samsung Level U / Level U Pro Specifications

  • Index of the model: EO-BG920 / EO-BN920
  • Speaker diameter: 12 mm / 13 mm
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Profiles: A2DP, HSP, HFP, AVRCP
  • Audio Streaming: Yes
  • High-definition audio: No / Yes, UHQ-BT codec
  • Multipoint: Yes
  • Managing calls and playing music: Yes
  • Noise and echo cancellation: yes (2 microphones)
  • Battery charging connector: micro-USB
  • Color options: dark blue, white, gold / black, gold
  • Weight: 33 grams / 45.7 grams
  • Battery life:
  • in playback mode: up to 10 hours / up to 9 hours
  • in talk mode: up to 11 hours / up to 9 hours
  • in standby mode: up to 500 hours / up to 300 hours



The set of delivery - the minimum: the headset itself, the documentation, a set of interchangeable earmolds. Neither the power supply unit nor the charging cable is present - it is assumed that the buyer already has a smartphone with a regular charge, and therefore additional accessories are of no use. And it's good, because there is nothing free in the world - because of the extra lace the price would certainly increase.


Appearance and construction


In relatively large wireless overhead headphones, the electronics and battery are placed in cups or in headband, but it's problematic to find a place for them in the liners. Of course, you can remember about miniature Bluetooth-phones Onkyo W800BT, which generally do not have any wires, but they are respectively, and most importantly - there is a great danger of losing them. The design in the form of a rocker is more rational in this sense: when you do not use a headset, it simply lies on the shoulders, the inserts on your chest, linked with each other by a magnet, and therefore they do not slip accidentally and fall.

Interestingly, the older model Level U Pro magnetic headphone attachment is not only for convenience of wearing. To answer a voice call or resume a track, you just need to disconnect the headphones. And if you want to reject a call or put music on pause, it's enough to bring them together. Very convenient, especially on the go.


Functionality is standard: both headsets allow you to control music playback and calls, but there are additional features that require the installation of a proprietary software on the smartphone.


In addition, Level U Pro supports UHD Audio codec, which provides 96 kHz / 24 bit wireless quality audio via Bluetooth 4.1. This is a curtsey towards demanding music lovers who are no longer satisfied with CD quality of 44.1 kHz / 16 bit and who want to enjoy their favorite music in the maximum possible resolution.




The mobile application Samsung Level for devices running Android (downloaded from Google Play) makes it easy to pair the headset with a smartphone and configure it. If the "clutch" (as it is written in the built-in user manual) is installed with two models, it becomes possible to quickly switch between them.