Wireless smartphone charging

Sony filed a new interesting patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office, which considers the possibility of wireless charging and data transfer between several electronic devices: smartphones, televisions, computers and even household appliances. Just imagine that in the near future you will be able to recharge the exhausted battery of your Sony Xperia from your friend's smartphone just by air


In the device, transmission modules will be installed, one of which will be responsible for transmitting the data, and the other for transmitting the charge. It is noteworthy that the search for a device for charging and the method of connection will be similar to the method of Wi-Fi operation - the gadget activates the corresponding function and searches for a specific access point. If there are several such points, you can choose how to receive a charge, and to which one to connect for data transfer. Sorry does not specify the range of technology

It is very interesting that this technology would look in Sony's external portable batteries, which you can take with you and charge your smartphone in such a wireless way, without getting Power Bank out of the bag

A very good perspective and a really interesting feature, but Sony has not yet implemented in its smartphones built-in support for wireless charging of the popular Qi standard and it's frustrating. But can a manufacturer prepare something more revolutionary? Although it is possible that the technology will remain on paper.