Mi Band 2 Oled - Review. pdf manual

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet features an OLED display that displays the current time, the number of steps, the heart rate, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned and other data. A special control button is provided for navigating through the menu. For maximum convenience, the new Mi Band 2 is equipped with a contactless control function, thanks to which the display automatically displays the current time after lifting the wrist, as when viewing the time on a conventional clock.


  • Time display
  • Display of the passed steps
  • Changing heart rate
  • The battery is 70 mAh. On one charge MiBand is able to work up to 20 days
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 version of Android 4.3 and above
  • Body and bracelet material: Aluminum, plastic
  • The screen unlocking feature works only on Xiaomi devices: Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, RedMi Note 4G, RedMi 1s 4G. IOS devices for iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, iPad

Advanced step counting algorithm

The new hardware platform Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has allowed to modernize the algorithm of counting the passed steps. Fitness bracelet recognizes the movements made in static, and does not take them into account when counting the steps. This improves the accuracy of measurements and ensures the reliability of the data.

Accuracy up to one step:

  • Number of steps
  • Activity periods
  • Distance traveled
  • Burned calories
  • Build charts and improve your results

Accuracy of heart rate measurements



Control of physical activity

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a built-in motion sensor and heart rate monitor, due to which fixes changes in the heart rate. It measures the heart rate and displays the data in real time, allowing you to adjust the time and intensity of physical activity depending on the heart rate.

Sitting at work?

Fitness bracelet will remind you of the rest!

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a reminder function designed specifically for those who work a lot and spend the whole day sitting. Fitness bracelet is able to determine the position of your body. In the case of a long stay in a sitting position and lack of movement, it will remind you through the vibration that it would be nice to get up and warm up, get out into the fresh air and recharge your energy.

Is it boring to run alone?

Jog along with Mi Band 2!

Running is the most accessible and effective way to keep yourself in good shape. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 paired with the application Mi Fit will make you an excellent company during the run. They will inform you about the speed of running and the state of the heart rhythm, and, if necessary, give appropriate recommendations. Also with the help of the application you can develop an individual jogging plan aimed at burning excess fat and increasing endurance. Give the training a new meaning, along with the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet

Feeling of weightlessness

Pleasant dreams

Due to the soft strap material and light weight, the fitness bracelet is practically not felt on the arm and does not interfere during sleep. At the same time, it determines the duration and phases of slow and fast sleep. All the information received is displayed in the application, where you can trace and evaluate the quality of your sleep.

Personal ID

Easy unlock without entering a password

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can act as your identifier. You can easily unlock the screen of your smartphone, just by bringing it to the bracelet.

Notification of incoming calls and application messages via vibration

The new Mi Band 2 promptly notifies the user of an incoming call or message via vibration. With him, you do not miss an important call, even being in a crowded crowd on a busy street.


Compliance with the international protection class IP67


Xiaomi Mi Band meets the requirements of the international standard IP67, which guarantees protection from dust and the ability to temporarily dive to depth. He will easily transfer washing hands and showering. Also, it is resistant to the effects of cosmetics, household chemicals and sweat.

Protection IP67:

  • Water Resistance
  • Dust-proof
  • Resistance to corrosion

External and internal improvement

The body of the main module is manufactured by injection molding and is covered with a special layer, which protects from exposure to ultraviolet rays. It has an elegant and laconic design, is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The control button is anodized and decorated with a pattern in the form of concentric circles with a pitch of 0.05 mm, an overflow like a compact disc. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has undergone both external and internal modernization, combining advanced technology and high-quality parts.

Energy-efficient OLED display

Designed by special order OLED-display is able to display various data in real time. It supports touch control and is characterized by low power consumption.

Fast and reliable Bluetooth connection 4.0

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 uses an energy-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 second-generation module from the supplier of power controllers for Apple. It economically spends the charge and increases battery life, while ensuring stable data transfer.

Thoughtful design

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 features a unique design. The hole for the main module has internal protrusions that reliably fix the main module and prevent its slipping. The strap is decorated with a stylish button, held in the same style as the control button on the module.

The newest materials, friendly to the skin

Unlike the first-generation fitness bracelet, the strap of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 combines two materials. At the location of the main module, a strong but at the same time resilient material is used, capable of withstanding multiple manipulations associated with fixation or removal of the module. The rest of the strap, which contacts the skin, is made of soft, skin-friendly breathing material, which causes pleasant sensations when worn on the arm.

Strict endurance tests:

  • High temperatures up to 70 ° С: 128 hours of operation in conditions of high temperatures up to 70 ° С
  • Low temperatures up to -20 ° С: 128 hours of operation in low temperature conditions up to -20 ° С
  • Shock resistance at a drop from a height of 1.2 m: withstands up to 12 falls on a marble surface from a height of 1.2 meters
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals

New version of Mi Fit 2.0

The new version of Mi Fit 2.0 has four sections: Status, Detection, Usage and Profile. Optimization has touched on functions such as counting steps, sleep mode, measuring heart rate, weight determination, etc., now they are displayed in separate sections. Also, the new version was enriched with the "Statistics" function, which allows you to view data for the day, week and month. Mi Fit 2.0 captivates you with simplicity and ease of use.