Xiaomi Mi VR Glasses - Review

Xiaomi Mi VR Glasses - virtual reality glasses with 3D effect and immersion effect, for smartphones 4.7-5.7 "". New modern design on the zip fastener of Lycra.

The world is so huge! Dress Mi VR Glasses and make new discoveries

Mi VR Glasses are very comfortable. Get the most out of viewing 3D video. Mi VR Glasses will satisfy your curiosity about the knowledge of the surrounding world. This is a completely new experience of image perception. Looking around, you will fully appreciate the situation around you. The innovative design of the device will help you feel comfortable right away, as you dress Mi VR Headset.

Quality and 3D image

Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) is a new way to view the video. From now on, you will see a picture without borders. It does not matter if it's a panoramic video or a panoramic image, drop it down, lift your head up, look around and enjoy a continuous picture. Before your eyes will open a beautiful view of the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Kilimanjaro mountains in Tanzania, the Amazon rainforest, the Kawabego mountains in Yunnan province. Throw aside all the boundaries and admire the horizon.

Experience new emotions

Experience an incredible impression of watching the movie, after which you will hardly need to go to the cinema. If you have Mi VR Glasses, you just need to find high-quality video with good content, put on glasses, headphones and wait until the world opens before you in its full beauty. The living room will turn into a full-fledged cinema and the world of another reality will open before you.

Your new entertainment

Mi VR 3D Glasses can be taken with you on a trip and spend time waiting, blazing with extraordinary landscapes and atmospheric video.


Since this gadget is put on the head, it is necessary to take into account many factors to make it comfortable. Not only design, but also weight, material play an important role. The product of high quality and from a pleasant to the touch material (Lycra) are designed for long-term use, without any discomfort. The zipper fastener is more durable and comfortable.

In the front there are pockets that will help you manage and install the smartphone as conveniently as possible, use the camera, besides, it will not overheat.

High quality lenses with anti-fog protection will not distort the image. Aspherical shape of lenses with a curvature radius of only 0.01 mm transmits a clear and clean picture. On top is the power button, because, this element is used most often, it is made of metal for greater durability.

Inside there are 4 platforms that will help to install the smartphone clearly in the middle and prevent the smartphone from sliding.