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4 important actions if the phone has been put into water

Remove the battery from the phone

The first thing to do after the phone got into the water or deep snow is to pull out the battery. You need to do this quickly, so do not wait until the phone reacts to the "turn off" button. You just need to remove the back cover and pull out the battery. If it can not be removed, then a short circuit may occur and the electronics will fail. Then you can immediately be carried to the landfill, because the repair will cost more than the cost of the new phone.


Disassemble, rinse and dry the phone

It is necessary to disassemble the phone as much as possible. It all depends on what your model is and how much you understand the design of the device. In any case, remember that the moisture should be removed as much as possible from all surfaces and parts of the phone. True, do not overdo it. To disassemble this is one thing, and to collect another. Disassemble so that they can then assemble independently.


It is important to remember that the main problem is not so much water as salt, which can remain on the parts after the water dries. Residues of salt can cause corrosion of metal parts of the phone. Therefore, after you remove the battery and disassemble the phone, it should be rinsed in distilled water. If there is no distilled at hand, then it is possible and cold boiled. This will remove the moisture in which there is salt. After this, it is worthwhile to rinse the phone with alcohol. Only alcohol, not cologne or, God forbid, acetone.

After drying, you can put the parts in a container of rice. Do not laugh, it really works - rice absorbs moisture well.

Collect and enable

After all has dried, assemble the phone and turn it on. If everything was done correctly and on time, then the device must earn. Otherwise, contact the service center.

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