Nokia Schematic Diagrams, Service Manuals

Nokia 1020 Lumia RM-877 Service schematics - Download 

Nokia 1100 RH-18 2300 RM4 Service schematics - Download 

Nokia_520_Lumia_RM-914_915_Schematics - Download

Asha-305 RM-766 schematics v1.0.pdf.7z - Download

Nokia_305_306_RM-766_767_768_ Service Manual L1L2 v1.0.7z - Download

Nokia Asha 503_503 Dual SIM RM-920_922_947 958_959 Service Manual

6310i_schematics.rar - Download


Nokia_Lumia_630_Dual_SIM_RM-976_RM-977 RM-978 Service schematics v1- Download

Nokia_Lumia_630_RM-976_977_978_979_Service_manual_L1L2 v1.0 - Download

Nokia_X6_RM-551_559_Service_Manual_L1L2_v1_0.rar - Download

Nokia Service Codes Download

1320 lumia RM-994_RM-995_RM-996_SM L3 L4
compressed file archive 12.1 MB
430 Lumia Dual SIM RM-1099 Service schem
compressed file archive 1.4 MB
435 Lumia Dual SIM RM-1068 RM-1069 RM-10
compressed file archive 1'006.7 KB
compressed file archive 2.7 MB
compressed file archive 484.1 KB
compressed file archive 1.4 MB
compressed file archive 10.1 MB
compressed file archive 2.3 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 796.0 KB
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 522.7 KB
Nokia_305_306_RM-766_767_768_ Service Ma
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB
Nokia Asha 503_503 Dual SIM RM-920_922_9
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.3 MB
compressed file archive 1.5 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.5 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB
compressed file archive 1.5 MB
compressed file archive 5.7 MB
compressed file archive 484.1 KB

Nokia C-series Schematics Diagram, Service manual Download

Nokia E-series Schematics Diagram, Service manual Download

Nokia Lumia-series Schematics Diagram, Service manual Download

Nokia Asha-series Schematics Diagram, Service manual Download

Nokia X-series schematics Diagram

X1-00 RM-732 733 SM L1&L2 1.0.rar Download

X1-01 RM-713 732 733 Service Manual L1L2 2.0.rar Download

X1-01 RM-713 732 733 SM L1&2 V2.0.rar Download

X1-01 user Download

X2-00 RM-618 schematics v1.0.rar Download

X2-00 RM-618 schematics v3.0.rar Download

X2-00 RM-618 SM L1 L2 v1.0.rar Download

X2-01 RM-709 RM-717 L1L2 Service Manual 2.0.rar Download

X2-01 RM-709 RM-717 L1L2 Service Manual 3.0.rar Download

X2-01 RM-709 SM L3 4 v1.0.rar Download

X2-01 RM709 schematics v2.0.rar Download

X2-01 Service Hints v2.0.rar Download

X2-02 RM-694 Service schematics v1.0.rar Download

X2-02 RM-694 Service schematics v1.0.rar Download

X2-02 RM-694 SM L1L2 v1.0.rar Download

X2-05 RM-772 service schematics v2.0.rar Download

X2-05 RM-772 SM L1L2 v1.0.rar Download

X3 RM540 schematics v2 0.rar Download

X3 schematics v1.0.rar Download

X3 Service Manual.rar Download

X3-01 RM-687 Service Manual L1L2 1.0.rar Download

X3-01 RM-687 Service Manual L3-4.rar Download

X3-01 RM-687 SM L1&L2 v3.0.rar Download

X3-02 RM-639 schematics v1.0.rar Download

X3-02 RM-639 Service Manual L1L2 v2.0.rar Download

X5-00 RM-678 Service Manual L1L2 v1.0.rar Download

X5-01 RM-627 schematics v1.0.rar Download

X5-01 RM-627 Service Manual level 1 2.rar Download

X5-01 schematics v2.0.rar Download

X6 RM-551 RM-559 Service Manual.rar Download

X6 RM-552 2G SM L1L2 v1.0.rar Download

X6 RM-552 schematics v1 0.rar Download

X6 RM551 RM559 schematics v1 0.rar Download

X6 RM551 RM559 schematics v2 0.rar Download

X7-00 RM-707 Service Schematics v1.0.rar Download

X7-00 Service Hints v1.0.rar Download

X7-00 Service Hints v2.0.rar Download

X7-00.1 X7-00 RM-659 RM-707 SM L3-L4 v.2.0.rar Download

X7-00.1 X7-00 RM-659-707 SM L1-L2 v1.0.rar Download Download

X_Dual_SIM_RM-980_981_Service_manual_L1L2_v1.0.rar Download

Nokia N-series schematics Diagram

N8-00_RM-596_schematics_v1.0 Download

N8-00_RM-596_schematics_v2.0 Download

N8-00_RM-596_Service_Manual_L1L2_v2.0 Download

N770_Schematics Download

N800_Schematics Download

N72_schematics Download

N73_schematics Download

N76_schematics Download

N77_schematics Download

N78_schematics Download

N79_RM348_schematics_v1_0 Download

N80_schematics Download

N81_RM-223_schematics Download

N81_schematics Download

N82_schematics Download

N85_RM333_RM334_schematics_v1_0 Download

N86_schematics Download

N86_service_manual Download

N90_Schematics diagram Download

N91_schematics diagram Download

N92_schematics_v3 Download

N93_schematics diagram Download

N93i_schematics diagram Download

N95_8gb schematics diagram Download

N95_RM-160_schematics_l3 Download

N95 schematics diagram Download

N96_RM247_schematics_v2_0 Download

N97_schematics Download

N97_service_manual Download

N97mini_RM-555_schematics_v2_0 Download

N9_RM-696_Full_schematics_v1.0 Download

N9_RM-696_Service_Manual_L1L2_v1.0 Download

N9_RM-696_Service_Manual_L1L2_v3.0 Download

N9_RM-696_SM_L34_v10 Download

N9_Service_Hints_v1.0 Download

N9_Service_Hints_v2.0 Download

N70_RM-84_schematics_1_0 Download

N71_schematics Download

N8-00_RM-596_schematics_v1.0 Download

N8-00_RM-596_schematics_v2.0 Download

N8-00_RM-596_Service_Manual_L1L2_v2.0 Download

N8-00_RM-596_Service_Schematics_v3.0 Download

N8-00_RM-596_SM_L1&2_v6.0 (2) Download

N8-00_Service_Hints_v1.0 Download

N8-00_Service_Hints_v2.0 Download

N810_RX-44_schematics Download

N900_RX-51_schematics_v2_0 Download

N-GAGE_schematics Download

N-GAGE-QD_schematics Download

NM706i_RM-448_Schematics_v1.0 Download

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Service codes for Nokia phones

Nokia Phone

* # 0000 # - shows the phone model, firmware version, release date and some other information depending on the Nokia model

* # 92702689 # - displays the total operating time of the phone, depending on the model, can show IMEI, date of issue, date of purchase - this field can be changed only once, repair date if it was in service repair, information about the phone

* # 7370 # - full reset to factory settings erases everything, including installed applications, files, becomes as new, so save in advance what you need. Perhaps it will ask for a security code, this is usually 12345 if it does not help, it has already been changed

* # 7780 # - reset to the factory settings of the Nokia phone, namely all settings will be as on the new phone, but the installed applications, files, contacts are not deleted, everything is reset

* # 2820 # - displays the Nokia device Bluetooth address on the display

* # 62209526 # - shows on the screen "WLAN MAC address:"

Nokia Windows Phone

* # 06 # - IMEI information

* # 07 # - Software release

## 634 # - Color Variant + Life Time Counter

## 4678255 # - Tier3 Status

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