Biostar Schematic Diagram. PCB Layout

A small selection of schematics for Biostar motherboards in PDF and BoardView format. Downloading from Google Drive is completely free.

One of the stages of repairing any Biostar motherboard is searching for a schematic for the motherboard being repaired. This stage takes a lot of time and effort, nerves, and sometimes a little money if the board diagram is posted on some paid site.


Quickly finding the required circuit can significantly speed up and simplify troubleshooting in the electrical circuits of the board; the presence of a circuit will help to most quickly and painlessly “bring back to life” defective circuits on the motherboard without resorting to “diagnostic heating of microcircuits” and replacing parts “at random” and unnecessary BIOS firmware.

Most of the diagrams are presented both in PDF format and in Boardview format - this is a file(s) containing information about a certain printed circuit board: the components located on it, the signals used, test points, etc. BoardViewer is a program designed to view many different boardview formats. The link to the program website is below on the page, be sure to download the latest version of the program from the website.

If you have diagrams that you are ready to share, send them to

If you haven't found what you're looking for, write in the comments below.

The next collection of circuit diagrams contains a fairly small number of circuit diagrams and service manuals for some models of Biostar motherboards, although this manufacturer has tens of times more models. Not all models of this manufacturer have publicly available diagrams, so we will be content with what we have. Use the collection completely free of charge. Save this page in your bookmarks, you will need it again and again.

BoardView diagrams can be viewed using Boardview v1.2. Examples of extensions that such files may have: .asc, .bdv, .brd, .bv, .cad, .cst, .gr, .f2b, .fz, etc.

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    ivan (Saturday, 06 April 2024 23:13)

    hello im traying to find an schematic from the motherboard Biostar B45m2 ver 6.2 or something similar, well thank you i leave you my email GOOD YEAR TO ALL

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    Wilfredo (Sunday, 03 March 2024 23:27)

    Please I need the Schematic of Biostar N68SC-M3S Rev. 6.1, but it is in asc format, it does not work for me in pdf