Meizu HD50 - review

A sound that will not leave you indifferent

Meizu HD50 is first and foremost a pure sound, which will be appreciated by any avid music lover. Its volume and power are ready to satisfy even the most capricious listeners.


The headphones will provide sound accompaniment of a decent level, because they have a distortion factor of 0.5%. With their excellent sounding they are directed to reveal the musical potential of any device to which they are connected - be it a smartphone or a player.





More metal, more quality sound


For its first Hi-Fi HD50 headset, Meizu used metal, which is used to create flagship smartphones.


The combination of aluminum textures and soft artificial leather makes the headset pleasing to use, and the classic color options - black and white, will suit everyone.



Folding ear cups made of metal with fixation in three axes


   At the heart of the design of the HD50 is the versatility. Headphones earpads are suitable for people with different shapes of ears.


  A unique design with a cross-axial system makes it possible to achieve an optimal position of the ear cup in three axes, the rotation angles of which are 135 °, 95 °        and 15 °.


Now you do not have to feel uncomfortable when using the headset.

Stranded wire made of oxygen-free copper with a purity of 99.99%


The cable has no welded connections, which reduces noise and improves sound quality.

Copper cables are insulated with an individual protective jacket made of Kevlar.

The environmentally friendly outer sheath of the cable is highly flexible and pleasant to the touch.


High-precision production technology


To make the headphones stronger, high-precision technologies and processes of powder metallurgy were used. The metal powder is sintered at a constantly high temperature and under high pressure to get ear cups and rotational axes with higher mechanical and physical properties. After laser treatment on CNC equipment, the headset has a metallic hue and a pleasant rough texture.


Unique design with a two-cell headphone design for better sound quality


The Meizu HD50 uses cups with patented dual sound cameras. Their difference from most headphones is that the principle of flow compensation is used in the front cavity. The sound coming from the rear camera is fed back to the front, which causes the channel to expand and the sound becomes warmer.

The finest bio-fiber membranes will transmit all emotions

Good headphones can not only convey all the details of the musical composition, but also more subtle emotions. Meizu HD50 uses unique membranes of microbiological fibers, which, unlike paper and metal membranes, have better resolution. The soft TPU + PEEK composite film also has some flexibility that makes balanced the transfer of any music, whether it's jazz, folk, or rock.

The most comfortable headphones

In order to make you comfortable wearing headphones, you used artificial leather. The unique foamy filler of the ear cups is able to better reproduce and remember the shape of the auricle, so that the use of the headset becomes comfortable for a long time.

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