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Gateway P series laptop disassembly

This guide will cover how to disassemble a Gateway P-series laptop.

In this case, we will analyze the Gateway P-6825 laptop, but the manual should work for the entire P-serial line.

If this guide applies to any other Gateway model, please indicate the model in the comments to this article.


First of all, turn off your laptop, unplug the AC adapter, and remove the battery.

The main main components of the laptop can be accessed by removing two panels on the bottom.

There are five screws securing the fan/RAM cover and four screws securing the hard drive cover.


Under the fan/RAM cover you will see the memory modules (RAM), wireless card, fan and processor (mounted under the heatsink).


Removing this cover will give you the opportunity to replace the fan; if this is not necessary, you can simply clean the fan and heat sink. I suggest using compressed air for this purpose.

In addition, removing this cover gives you access to the memory modules and makes it very easy to replace/upgrade the memory.

Under the hard drive cover you will find two hard drive bays. In my case, I only had one hard drive installed.


To remove the hard drive, slide the entire hard drive assembly in the direction shown by the yellow arrow.

In my case, I had to use force because the hard drive was installed very tightly.


Once the hard drive assembly is removed, you can remove the four screws that secure the hard drive to the mounting cage. Now you can replace the hard drive with a new one.


Using a sharp tool, remove the rubber covering located on the right side of the hard drive bay.

This cover hides the screw holding the DVD drive in place; remove the screw.


You can now remove the DVD drive from your laptop and replace it if necessary.


The DVD drive has been removed.


In the next 10 steps, I explain how to remove the keyboard.

There is no need to go through all the previous steps to remove the keyboard.


Remove the two screws holding the power button cover to the battery compartment.


Gently lift up the right side of the power panel.


Continue lifting the "power" panel.


Be very careful. There are two cables connecting the power panel to the system board. Do not raise the panel too high.


In the following picture you can see two cables.

Try not to disconnect them from the power panel or system board. Ideally, these cables remain connected after you remove the panel.

Unscrew the five screws holding the keyboard.


You can now access the keyboard cable connection. Before you remove the keyboard, you must unlock the connector and disconnect the cable.

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