Fly Mobiles User Manuals PDF

6. interesting facts about the company Fly

1. Fly is a British brand that produces mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. The brand offers both progressive solutions with the introduction of many advanced gadget functions, as well as options for integrating classic mobile phones to the needs of the modern user. Global Fly concept "Being free" opens the space for self-expression and creativity, frees from stereotypes and gives the consumer an opportunity to emphasize his individuality.


2. The headquarters of the brand is located in London, the exclusive distributor of TM Fly in Ukraine - LLC "Mobile Technocom". Since 2008, the position of Fly CEO in Ukraine is Manoj Kumar. At the moment he is responsible for the development of the brand and regional offices of the company in the markets of Ukraine and the CIS.


3. 2008 - Fly has established itself as the leading brand of mobile devices in Eastern Europe. This year the brand took one of the leading positions in the Ukrainian market and became one of the top 5 brands of mobile phones in Russia.


4. 2010 - this year was marked for Fly by changing the concept - the focus shifted to the combination of three elements: functionality, technology and style. It is at this moment that the product line is fundamentally updated: the new Fly phones had a laconic and stylish design, and most importantly - updated and improved specifications. Despite all the innovations, the price of the Fly gadgets remained available to a wide consumer.


5. 2011 - Fly introduced its first smartphone on the Android operating system.


6. 2012 - the company introduced new innovative solutions - a phone with support for three sim-cards appeared on sale.