Foxconn Schematics Diagram, PCB Layout

Once again I want to share with readers a list of circuits for Foxconn motherboards. This is not the first collection of circuits; previously I have already published collections of circuits for motherboards AsRock, Asus, ECS (Elitegroup), Gigabyte and MSI (Micro-Star), collections of circuits for laptops Acer, Asus, eMachines, HP (Hewlett-Packard) , IBM/Lenovo, Toshiba and Samsung.

Foxconn 915A01 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn Chicago - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn IRX-5040 MBX-187 - Schematics. Diagram Download
Foxconn K8M890M01 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn M720 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn M750 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn M760 - Schematics.Diagram Download
Foxconn M790 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn M850 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn M851 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn M870 - Schematics Diagram Download
Foxconn M960, M970 H Model - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn M960, M970 L Model - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn M9A0 - Schematics. Diagram Download
Foxconn M9F1 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn MS21 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn MS70 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn MS90 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn Safina - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn Star (Federer) 0.4 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn Star (Federer) 1.1 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn TPN-F101, TPN-F102 - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn V030 Docking Board - Schematic Diagram Download
Foxconn V030 MP - Schematic Diagram Download

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Foxconn Quantumian-1 on Intel X79 chipset

Despite the gradual fading of interest in overclocking, motherboard manufacturers do not stop producing products aimed exclusively at computer enthusiasts. This was greatly facilitated by the release of the new Intel LGA2011 platform, designed for enthusiasts. Moreover, in terms of overclocking, the LGA2011 platform is really capable of a lot, since it allows you to overclock the processor both by increasing the multiplier (when using certain CPU models) and by increasing the Bclk frequency. Some people are attracted to LGA2011 by the use of quad-channel memory access: thanks to this feature, most motherboards are equipped with eight DIMM slots and, accordingly, allow you to install up to 64 GB of RAM.


However, this configuration leads to a noticeable increase in the cost of the motherboard. It is for these reasons that Foxconn engineers decided to install only four DIMM slots on the Quantumian-1 board. Thus, they strictly defined the purpose of the board: Quantumian is intended for overclockers and computer enthusiasts. For these groups of users, 32 GB of RAM is enough, and Foxconn gets an additional opportunity to reduce the retail price of the product.


The reduced number of DIMM slots is the only compromise in this product: in other respects this board is not inferior to its competitors. In particular, it has four PEG slots, support for a large number of USB ports (including USB 3.0) and two gigabit network controllers. Enthusiasts will also be pleased with the power and reboot buttons, as well as separate keys for resetting CMOS and overclocking. The latter, as a rule, leads to various abnormal situations, so the Quantumian-1 developers installed a seven-segment POST code indicator, as well as a backup BIOS chip. Thus, the board has something to interest enthusiasts, at least theoretically. We will try to determine what a board is in practice in this review.

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