LGA s1700 CPU Socket Pinout

The LGA1700 socket is Intel's latest development for desktop processors. It was introduced alongside Intel's Alder Lake processors in 2021 and is the successor to the LGA1200 socket.

The main difference with the LGA1700 socket is that it has more pins than its predecessor. The LGA1700 contains as many as 1,700 pins, which is 500 more than the LGA1200. This increase was necessary to support new processors with multiple cores and new technologies.


The pin layout in the LGA1700 socket has also changed. Unlike earlier Intel sockets, where the first pin was located in the upper left corner, the LGA1700 has the first pin in the lower left corner. Also, the LGA1700 has an additional latch that provides a more reliable connection between the processor and the socket.


The LGA1700 socket also supports the new Intel Hybrid Technology, which combines different cores with different instruction sets and different performance into a single processor. This improves performance and optimizes power consumption.


Additionally, the LGA1700 socket has improved support for PCIe 5.0 and Thunderbolt 4, making it the most advanced socket for Intel processors. This allows you to increase the speed of data transfer between computer components and ensure faster operation.


Overall, the LGA1700 socket is one of the most modern and advanced sockets for desktop processors, providing high performance, efficiency and reliability.


The first pin on the diagram, numbered A1, corresponds to 1 pin counting from the processor label.

Some of the LGA 1700 socket pin names:

  • VSS (ground)
  • VCCIO (voltage input/output)
  • VCCSA (Voltage System Agent)
  • DDRVPP (DDR supply voltage)
  • CPU_PLTRST (CPU power reset)
  • PWRGD (power ready signal)
  • TCK (clock signal)
  • TMS (control signal)
  • TDI (data input)
  • TDO (data output)
  • SMB_CLK (SMBus Clock)
  • SMB_DATA (SMBus Data)
  • GPO0/GPI0 (general purpose input/output 0)
  • GPO1/GPI1 (general purpose input/output 1)

Main technical characteristics of the LGA1700 socket:

  • Number of contacts: 1700
  • Contact distance: 0.8mm
  • Connection type: Land Grid Array (LGA)
  • Socket Dimensions: 37.5mm × 45mm
  • Maximum number of cores and threads: 16 cores, 24 threads
  • Technologies: support for PCI Express 5.0, Thunderbolt 4, USB 4.0, DDR5, Intel Optane Memory H20.

What processors are suitable for socket 1700?

  • Core i3.
  • Celeron.
  • Core i9.
  • Core i5.
  • Core i7.
  • Pentium.
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