Lava Firmware, Repair, Schematics. Free Download PDF

The product is a mobile phone manufactured by LAVA international.

Ltd. It comes with SIM card tray, screen, receiver, front camera,

P&L sensor, audio jack, microphone, USB slot, speaker, volume

key, power key and fingerprint, flash and rear camera.

lava Mobiles Schematics Diagrams

Lava Iris 506Q Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 505 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 503 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 456 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 408E Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 405 Plus Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 402+ Assembly Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 402+ MB Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris 356 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris Pro 30 PCB layout Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris V2 3GB 4G Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris V2S Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Iris x41 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A56  Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A71 PCBA Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A72 Trouble Shooting Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A73 PCBA Component layout Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A76 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A88 8GB Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A97 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Metal 24 WD015 V01 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Metal 28 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Pixel V1 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava Pixel V2 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava V2 3GB 4G Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava V5 MB V2.0 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X12 PCBA Component layout Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X17 Trouble Shooting Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X19 PCBA Layout Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X28 SPR_S3210P_V2.0_PCB Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X28+ SPR S3210P V2.0 PCB Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X38 2GB E186 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X41 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X50 training Presentation Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava X50 Plus Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava PCBA Top (Lava A55) Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava PCBA A50 Schematics Diagrams Download

Lava A51 Schematics Diagrams Download

It is better to look for new firmware on the phone manufacturer’s website, or if it is custom firmware, then on the company’s website. Do not use firmware found on third-party resources or file hosting sites.

Instructions for installing new firmware

Download the firmware and place it on your phone's memory card. Next, turn off your phone.

Press the buttons: “Power” + “Volume up” together for a few seconds.

Release the Power button once the phone turns on.

As a result, the phone will boot into “Recovery mode”.

To move to the menu, use the volume control buttons, and use the “Power” button to make a selection.

From the “Recovery mode” menu, select “Wipe data/factory reset”.

From the “Recovery mode” menu, select “Yes--delete all user data”.

From the “Recovery mode” menu, select “Wipe cache partition”.

From the menu, select “Yes--Wipe cache”. From the “Recovery mode” menu, select “advanced”.

From the menu, select "Wipe Dalvik Cache".

From the menu, select “Yes--Wipe Dalvik Cache”.

Go back and click “Go Back”.

From the menu select "mounts and storage".

From the menu, select "format /system".

From the menu, select “Yes--Format”.

Go back and click “Go Back”.

From the menu, select “install zip from sdcard”.

From the menu, select “choose zip from sdcard”.

Select the firmware on the memory card.

From the menu, select “Yes--Install the name of your firmware.” The firmware process will begin.

Now from the “Recovery mode” menu, select “Reboot system now”. The phone will reboot with the new firmware.

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