HTC Mobiles User Manuals PDF

HTC 540 - download PDF manual                            not Officially available yet

HTC Desire T7 Tablet - download PDF manual   not Officially available yet 

HTC One M9 Prime - download PDF manual      not Officially available yet 

HTC One M9s - download PDF manual                not Officially available yet 

HTC One M9e - download PDF manual                not Officially available yet 

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7 facts about HTC

1. The name HTC until 2008 was deciphered as High Tech Computer Corporation.


2. HTC initially intended to manufacture laptops and desktop PCs, but then switched to smartphones.


3. In 2005, HTC introduced the world's first smartphone with support for data transmission of the third generation (3G), and a year later a GPS module appeared in the communicators.


4. In 2008, HTC again became the leader: this year the world's first smartphone T-Mobile G1, running the Android operating system, was launched. This fact has become crucial not only for the company itself, but for the entire mobile communicator market. Smartphones running Android OS have become the company's new flagship, it is with this operating system that most of today's HTC devices are delivered.


5. In just a few years, HTC was able to break out into the leaders of the smartphone market, release several revolutionary products and outrun the capitalization of Finnish Nokia, which until now was the largest manufacturer of mobile equipment in the world. But now, as you can see, HTC has sunk into the bottom ..


6. The HTC phones that were produced by the company did not at all have an exclusive design. All models of PDAs and HTC smartphones were the same from the outside, but they were not much different from nutria. The platform from HTC changed a bit of design and technical characteristics, but they were not noticeable at all.


7. At the initial stage, HTC suffered losses, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Required significant capital infusions. Personally, Sher Mi Wong spent the bulk of her fortune to get the young company out of the crisis. And she succeeded ...

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