PHILIPS Phone Service Manual. User Manual

Philips Schematics Diagram. Service Manual

Philips Fisio 120 121 Schematics Diagram Download

Philips Fisio 311 Schematics Diagram Download

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Philips Savvy Vogue lvl2 Schematics Diagram Download

Philips Xenium 9@9 Schematics Diagram Download

Philips Xenium DB Schematics Diagram Download

Philips Xenium  Service Manual.pdf Download

Philips User Manual

Philips I908 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips S308 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips T539 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W337 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W3500 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W536 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W6350 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W6610 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W732 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W736 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W737 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips W832 User Manual.pdf Download

Philips X333 User Manual.pdf Download

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4 interesting facts about the company

1. Koninklijke Philips N.V. - Dutch company, whose activities are divided into three main areas: health care, lighting solutions and consumer products. The company holds leading positions in the development of equipment for cardiology, emergency care and home health care, in the field of energy-efficient lighting solutions and innovative lighting systems, as well as electric shavers and personal care products, devices and oral care products.



2. The history of Philips began in 1891, when Gerard Phillips, along with his father Frederic, founded Philips & Co in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Initially, it was a small factory for the production of electric lamps with a staff of 10 people and a capacity of 100-200 lamps per day.

3. Today the concern PHILIPS ELECTRONICS NV is a transnational corporation that occupies the world's top position in the production of TVs and the third one is in the production of consumer electronics. Concern PHILIPS owns a 25% stake in the Danish company BANG & OLUFSEN, 32% stake in the German company GRUNDIG, a controlling stake in the Japanese company MARANTZ and French LA RADIOTECHIGUE, a 75% stake in the recording studio POLYGRAM.



4. In the United States, Philips is represented under the Magnavox brand.

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