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20 facts about Samsung that you never knew

Competitors need to know in person.

Samsung has something to be proud of: the Korean company has more than once become an innovator, ahead of other technological giants. Including Apple, yeah.

At the beginning of the journey, Samsung sold food and even textiles. Who would have thought that by the end of the century the company would become an advanced electronics manufacturer? In the history of Samsung there are many other interesting facts. Close Google, we have already collected the twenty most-most.

Samsung S8

1.In translation from Korean "Samsung" means "three stars"

Apparently, Lee Bunchhol, the founder of the company, meant that Samsung would be eternal and bright. By the way, he invented the first logo with three stars himself. Many say that these three stars are dedicated to the three sons of the founder. Since its inception in 1938, the company's logo has changed five times. Today, two versions of the logo are used.

2.Samsung R & D spends on research twice as much as Apple


In 2015, the Korean company spent $ 14,100,000,000 on development. While Apple gave to its research "only" 6 000 000 000 dollars. This is the question of who and how much attention is paid to innovation.

3. Samsung appreciates the quality

The current chairman of the board of Samsung Group, in 1995, recycled 150,000 units of office equipment of its company, considering it insufficiently high-quality.

4. Samsung has long been focused on virtual reality

The patent for the Head Mounted Display, which was the basis of the virtual reality glasses Gear VR, belongs to Samsung since 2005.

5. Samsung has developed the first DVD writer

Already in 1993. Developed by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)

6. Samsung first released a super-light phone

In the same year 1993, the world saw the Samsung SH-700, which weighed only 100 grams - much less than the competitors' tubes. By April of the following year, the company sold 16,000 mobile phones a month. Success for those times. It was much smaller than the phones offered at that time by other companies.

7. Samsung has developed the first electric car in Korea

For 15 years before Tesla Roadster, Koreans have developed their electric car, SEV-III. And although it has not reached the point of mass production, the fact remains. We are waiting for the tweaks in Twitter, after the release of Apple Car.

8. Samsung invented the watch phone

Yes, not Apple Watch or Gear S2, look cumbersome and wretched, but in the courtyard was only 1999. In this watch there were no messages, no multimedia. But there was a voice dialing and charge lasted two days.

9. Samsung released the first phone with an MP3 player

In 2000, Koreans showed a mobile phone that supported MP3. The Samsung SPH-M100 had only 64 MB of memory. Before the iPod came out with "1000 songs in your pocket" there was still a year left.

10. Samsung was the first to create a smartphone with a curved screen

The company probed the ground with the Galaxy Note edge - a copy of Galaxy Note 4, but with one curved side of the screen. Success was consolidated in the Galaxy S6 edge, in which the two sides "wrapped". Today in every second flagship you can see if not curved, then at least rounded display.

Apple, your move.