Electrocar LeEco LeSee Pro - Chinese answer Tesla

Chinese company LeEco, more known in the market of consumer electronics and content sales services, officially introduced the electric vehicle LeSee Pro. The developers consider it a direct competitor to the similar electric car Tesla Model S.


A working copy of LeEco LeSee Pro practically does not differ from the prototype shown in April this year at the Beijing Motor Show. The car is equipped with a built-in autopilot, and instead of far-sighted mirrors uses cameras. During the automatic control, the novelty steering wheel is hidden, offering the driver and passengers entertainment content on the retractable display.

According to rumors, a working prototype of LeSee Pro was used for the filming of the film "Transformers 5". The car is equipped with navigation, voice control, and the maximum speed reaches 210 km / h.

The Chinese company-manufacturer of electric cars LeEco, only in April presented its concept car and has already invested $ 1.8 billion in the construction of an electric car factory in China, with an annual production capacity of 400,000 cars.

In addition, the company is developing another manufacturer of electric vehicles - Faraday Future. All this is done with one goal - to compete with Tesla and, it seems, LeEco succeeds

You can manage LeSEE remotely from your smartphone - the car can be called up to the place of your stay.

Seats in the car are automatically adjusted upon arrival to the destination.

LeSEE is equipped with a touch-screen infotainment screen. The touch screen has a wide navigation functionality. Passengers of the rear seat will have at their disposal their own TV-monitors.

Official information on the release of electric cars LeSEE is still missing.

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