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Software for viewing PCB/Laptop/Motherboard/Graphics card Layouts

BoardView is a small program for viewing motherboard schematics. Supports almost all popular boardview formats: brd, cad, fz and others.


DWG TrueView works with DWG, DWF, and DXF files created in CAD applications. Its interface partially replicates AutoCAD, and allows you to scale, rotate, and move the viewed 2D or 3D object in the same way. A simplified CAD calculation engine enables measurements with absolute precision.


A good feature of the DWG viewer is its support for outdated versions of files, from 2010 to the present day. True Weaver's very low system requirements make it available on all old and modern computers.

.CAD BoardView (CAD, TZ and BRD.) Download
.ASC ASUS Board Viewer TSICT Download

BoardViewer HONHAN .BDV

.BRD TopTest BoardVIew R3 Download

TopTest BoardVIew R4


LANDREX TEST LINK(Old) ver:1.0www


LANDREX TEST LINK(New) ver:2.www


OPEN BOARD Viewer R7.3


OpenBoard Viewer

.BRD OpenBoardView-0.4.0-win32 Download

Allegro Free Physical Viewer Ver:15.7

.F2B Unisoft ProntoPLACE .F2B Board View. Download
.GR BoardView R5.0(GR) Download
.CST IBM LENOVO  Card analisis support tool ver:3.32 Download
.TVW Tebo IctView Ver:3.0 Download
.TVW TeboView(.TVW) Ver:4.0 Download
 .FZ PCB Repair Tool. CTRL+F10 to open from FAB folder.CTRL+F11 to open from custom folder. If error 203 appears restart the aplication Download
.asc BoardViewer for All Extentios (.asc .BV .brd .bdv .cad .cst .gr .f2b .faz .fz .tvw ) Download
.BRD BoardView Windows 10 / 7 / 8 / XP / Vista Download
DWG DWG TrueView 2022 DWG, DWF and DXF Download
.SVG IrfanView 4.57 Download
.BDV  HONHAN BDV BoardViewer Download
.CAD Samsung .cad boardviewer  Download


PADS 9.5.1 PCB viewer for Apple Iphone/Ipad Download



GIGABYTE eM-Test Expert V8.G.2 Download


PanelTW VER. - MITAC .POS boardview Download


Tebo IctView Ver:3.0 Download

IrfanView is an innovative tool for free use that allows you to view and edit graphic files in any edition of Windows, which is now celebrating its 20th birthday. According to the developers, their product has been downloaded about 100 million times from just a few major sources since 2003.

BoardView is a small program for viewing motherboard schematics. Supports almost all popular boardview formats: brd, cad, fz and others.


With BoardView, you can explore each board element in detail. The program shows information about the element itself, signal, voltage, etc. You can view both the top side of the board and the bottom.


The program interface consists of a toolbar and a viewing window. The viewing window shows the circuit itself. If you hover over any element, you will see detailed information about it. Using the mouse wheel you can zoom in and out. The diagram can also be rotated in different directions or mirrored horizontally and vertically.


By clicking on any element, in the right block you will see information about outputs and signals. In this case, similar elements will be highlighted in yellow on the board.


Features of the program

• View the motherboard diagram.

• Support for popular boardview formats (brd, cad, fz and others).

• Detailed information about each element.

• Search by element name.

• Ability to scale and rotate the image.

• Support for Windows XP and higher.


Thus, BoardView is ideal for service center technicians or ordinary radio amateurs. The program can be downloaded for free.

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