FAQ on TeamWin (TWRP)


  1. What is TeamWin Recovery (TWRP)?
  2. The structure of the menu
  3. Navigate the menu
  4. Creating and restoring a backup copy of the firmware (nandroid) using the example of CWM Recovery
  5. How to get root with recovery?

1.What is TeamWin Recovery (TWRP)?

TeamWin recovery (TWRP) is a modified unofficial recovery that is released for most devices running Android. It has much more capabilities than native recovery. On some devices it is installed instead of native recovery, on other devices it is installed in parallel. Allows you to:

  • Install unofficial firmware
  • Install add-ons and fixes
  • Connect to PC via USB in removable storage mode
  • Connect to PC via USB in ADB mode
  • Create a backup of both the entire firmware and its individual parts (system, settings, installed programs)
  • Restore data from a previously created backup
  • Reset the data to the factory settings (Wipe - data / factory reset), clear the cache partition (wipe cache), clear the dalwick cache (wipe Dalvik-cache), clear the statistics of the battery (wipe battery stats)
  • Format and create partitions on the memory card 

If you can not turn on the phone and download android, you can always restore through TWRP a previously created backup with all the applications and settings.

2.TeamWin Recovery menu structure

Install - install any * .zip (update.zip, gapps.zip, cyanogenmod.zip, etc.)

Wipe - cleaning

  • Cache - cleaning the partition / cache
  • Dalvik Cache - cleaning Dalvik Cache (Android 4.4 if ART is enabled, it is not required)
  • Factory Reset - clear all sections
  • System - cleaning the partition / system
  • External Storage - external memory cleaning
  • Internal Storage - cleaning internal memory
  • Android Secure - - clean up the android_secure section
  • Wipe Battery Stats - clear battery statistics


Backup - a system snapshot (with the ability to select the required partitions)

Restore - restores the system from the mold

Mount - Mounting

  • Mount System - mount partition / system
  • Mount Data - mount the partition / data
  • Mount Cache - mount partition / cache
  • Mount SDCARD - mount partition / SDCARD
  • Mount USB Storage - mount a USB flash drive connected via OTG



  • Zip file signature verification: - check zip file signature
  • Force MD5 check for all zips: - Checksum checks for all zip files
  • Use rm -rf instead of formatting: - delete files instead of formatting when clearing partitions
  • Skip MD5 generation during backup: - disable checksum creation during backup
  • Ignore image size errors during backup: - ignore file size errors during backup
  • Time Zone - selects your time zone
  • Restore Defaults - is intended to reset the settings to the default settings



  • Copy Log to SD - copy the log of operations to a file on a memory card.
  • Fix Permissions - fix the right of access to files and partitions.
  • Partition SD Card - create partitions on the memory card.
  • File Manager - file manager.
  • Terminal Command - adb console
  • Reload Theme - reloading the theme (template)


Reboot - device reboot

3.Navigate the menu


In TeamWin (TWRP) - control is performed by tapping the screen on the desired functions.


Built-in File Manager does not copy files with Russian names.

4.Creating and restoring a backup copy of the firmware (nandroid) using the example of CWM Recovery

To unzip the backup, replace the .win file extension with .tar.gz and unzip it with a regular archiver.

5.How to get root with recovery?

To get root on any version of the android and on any device it's enough to install superSU via non-native recovery: