Xiaomi Mi Mix schematic and disassemble

Mi Mix3 Schematic Diagram
Mi Mix3 Schematic Diagram

Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, 2S, Mi Mix 3 Schematic Diagram. Service Manuals. Free Download

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Introduced last week, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, devoid of the framework on the three sides of the display has already been disassembled, although in free sale it yet.

It is worth noting that the disassembly begins with the removal of the tray for SIM cards and the dismantling of the ceramic frame using a pair of suction cups. At this stage, you need to be very careful not to overdo it and damage the cable to connect the fingerprint scanner. Further disassembly is a fairly simple process if you get along well with a screwdriver.

Meanwhile, the network has an answer to the question, which probably did not bother many users since the presentation of Xiaomi Mi Mix: "What will happen to the smartphone if it accidentally slips out of hand?". More precisely, he confirmed their most terrible fears. 

The smartphone was predictably too tender and unable to withstand the fall without consequences. The source of the photo shows the consequences of the fall - a damaged screen and a cracked ceramic frame. Alas, the details about the conditions under which the drop test was conducted the source does not lead, but most likely there was nothing supernatural in this case. Typically, such tests include drops from a meter height to a hard surface.

You can safely say that in the future such devices with frameless displays will appear more and more. The intention to release their own frameless smartphones in the next year has already been announced by the market leader - Samsung. It is unlikely that other major market players will hesitate with the release of their own models. It remains to be hoped that manufacturers will come up with how to make such models less delicate.

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