27MP59G-P - 27" 

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LASC27 - Sound Bar

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1. LG started with a face cream

In 1947, Korean businessman Koo Inhwe founded the company Lak-Hui Chemical. The company specialized in household chemicals and cosmetics. The first Lak-Hui Chemical product was a face cream. In 1995, Lak-Hui Chemical was merged with the younger GoldStar project. So there was a combination of Lucky-GoldStar. Short for LG.


2. LG Company is faithful to traditions almost 60 years


GoldStar (the "Gold Star") was founded in 1958, shortly after the end of the Korean War. Even then she was completely focused on electronics. The company produced radio, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners. In general, its range has changed little over the past 60 years, although, as already mentioned, GoldStar and Lak-Hui Chemical merged into LG only in 1995.


3. The company's slogan changed several times

Today, users are well aware of the slogan "Life's Good", which perfectly matches the company's abbreviation. But few people remember that earlier the company used other, less successful options. From 1997 to 1999 in the course was a simple slogan "Future's Technology" ("The Future of Technology"). From 1999 to 2004 the slogan "Digitally Yours" was used. This phrase sounded quite original, but to translate it is incredibly difficult. The slogan "Digitally Yours" was a direct reference to the saying "Sincerely yours" - "sincerely yours". Alas, but not all languages from the word "digital" can be made an adverb. Probably, it was the difficulties of translation that forced the company to reconsider the slogan once again.


4. The world's first capacitive display

 The first smartphones of the "pre-iPhone" era were equipped with resistive displays. You can remember them - such displays were soft and to the touch resembled dense cellophane. To click on the elements of the interface, a stylus was used, which pushed the top shell of the display. Although for its time the technology was in demand and popular, such displays could not boast of accuracy or longevity.

 The world's first smartphone with a modern capacitive display was released by LG. The model was called LG Prada (LG KE850). The phone had a 3-inch display with a resolution of 240 × 400 pixels. For the first 18 months he sold a million copies.


5. Abundance of TVs

LG is known for its high-quality TVs. Every year it produces a huge number of models for every taste. As of 2015, LG owned 12.5% of the global market. That is, every eighth TV in the world was a LG TV.


6. Ecological compatibility


Manufacturers of electronics are often accused of non-environmentally friendly production, but LG is desperate to improve the situation. Not so long ago the international organization Greenpeace raised the rating of the company, placing it on the 12th place among the world electronics manufacturers.


7. One of the first flexible displays

Developers LG love to experiment The company released one of the first smartphones with a curved display, only a month behind Samsung.

However, the LG G Flex model had an obvious advantage. Not only was it curved, it could also bend slightly in the process. Thanks to this phone was difficult enough to break.


8. The first mass modular smartphone

One of the last services of LG is that the company did not hesitate to throw the first mass modular smartphone LG G5 on the market. Talk about the modularity was a long time, but it was LG who first brought this risky technology out of the "eternal beta" stage.