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7 interesting facts about Meizu

1. Meizu Technology Co., Ltd is a reliable and high-tech company that has successfully established itself in the world market. The brand was founded in 2003 and specializes in the production of all kinds of mobile portable devices, which include telephones, communicators, players and much more.



2. Meizu products are common in Europe, as well as in the US, Japan and Korea, which clearly confirms the popularity and reliability of the brand. Until recently, the company released on a smartphone a year, but now manufacturers are trying to speed up the pace, while offering more interesting, original and attractive models. The expansion of the assortment went only to the benefit of the company, allowing to increase sales and cover new markets.

3. Due to high competition, developers are forced to invent more and more new solutions, and until now they have successfully coped with this task. Different models differ in technical characteristics, allowing you to choose the solution to your taste. An important factor is an affordable and fully justified cost. Characteristic features of the latest smartphones: the use of a steel carrier frame, which at times increases the strength of the device, as well as the use of a multifunctional central touch button, which can do without additional keys and controls.



4. When creating smartphones Meizu uses the proprietary shell Flyme. It is significantly different from other common solutions, but obviously not for the worse. The shell is a successful combination of all the best features of Android, iOS and MIUI.


5. Meizu M3 Note 32Gb is the world's best-selling smartphone from the manufacturer's catalog for the results of 2016 - early 2017.



6. This Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices, and in the past mp3-players, started with mp3-players in 2003. At first, the company management did not think about developing its own smartphones. The first devices were Meizu X6 and Meizu E3-nice players that did not become known in the CIS. Functionality was standard for them: playing tracks in mp3 format, voice recorder, clock, etc. The devices were not bad, which affected the level of sales.


7. In order to increase the number of applications, Meizu said that it will give 100% of the profits from their implementation to developers. These actions have spurred millions of mobile application developers to create more and more new products.

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