How to enter BIOS on Macbook?



There is no BIOS in Apple laptops. Instead, it provides EFI - Extensible Firmware Interface (extensible firmware interface). It is possible to enter Macbook boot options without BIOS. In order to enter the BIOS on a Macbook, you need to press the Option button when starting the computer. You can start in security mode by pressing the "Shift" key.

To boot from a CD, DVD or USB drive, you will need to press "C" when turning on the laptop. The dialog box is entered automatically. Pressing "D" starts diagnostics. "X" - start the system from the boot disk. "T" - loading in external drive mode.


Option-Command-P-R: Reset NVRAM or PRAM options. If your Mac has a firmware password, then the key combination is ignored or causes it to launch from the macOS recovery partition. Option (⌥) or Alt: Launches the boot manager, which allows you to select other available boot disks or volumes. When your Mac has a firmware password, it first asks you to enter the password.


Having access to standard Macbook operations when you turn it on will be possible without the need for lengthy adjustments to the anachronistic interface settings. What is required from the user is to remember keyboard shortcuts. Using macOS, you are faced with a UNIX-like operating system.


Experienced Apple PC users do without BIOS. It is absent in its usual form. In this case, the computer starts in a certain way using the key combinations that are indicated above. The standard functions of the Windows operating system are preserved and you can run them without much difficulty.


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