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Before disassembling the smartphone, do not forget to turn off the device! Using a plastic spatula, open the lid until it clicks lightly and pull it out. To disconnect the battery, the sticker must be removed. The connector is hidden under it. Please note that the battery is glued to the phone, so you can pull it out only with a little effort.

To dismantle the inner cover: unscrew the corresponding screws. Note that one of the screws is masked by a sticker cover. Once the screws have been removed, carefully remove the cover using a soft plastic tool. Note that the protective lens of the camera will not be attached.

Removing the display: Place the plastic tool on the side of the display. Make sure all cables are disconnected and not stuck somewhere. Dismantle the mesh from the metal frame. To remove the frame from the screen, use only a plastic tool and open very carefully, or you will damage the display. Please note that there is an adhesive tape around the microphone at the top of the screen.

Final step: After installing the new display. Make sure you are receiving from the sensor. When assembling the phone in reverse order, you will need to lift up the motherboard to fit it into the case. Make sure all buttons work properly when pressed. The SIM card tray must be installed before the motherboard.

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