Gigabyte Graphics Cards  Schematics Diagram

Graphics card Schematics and Boardviews BIOS & Schematic diagrams. An extensive collection of Gigabyte Graphics Cards schematics in PDF and BoardView format. Downloading from Google Drive is completely free.

Gigabyte GTX 760 GV-N760OC-2GD (P2002) ( 2GB GDDR5, 256b, 64Mx32) Rev 2 Download

GIGABYTE GTX 760  GV-N760OC-2GD (P2002 2GB GDDR5, 256b, 64Mx32) REV. 2.0 Download


Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX970.rar Download


Gigabyte Aorus 1080 TI Gaming X Gigabyte GV-N108TAORUS-11GD Rev1.02 Download


GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 3070 MASTER GV-N3070 M-8GD PG142-B00 REV 1.0. Download

Gigabyte GV-N 3070 GAMING OC-8GD PG142-B00 Rev 1.0.pdf Download


Gigabyte GV-N3090EAGLE-24GD PDF Download


GIGABYTE GV-RX570 Radeon GAMING-8GD-MI REV 1.11.rar Download

GIGABYTE GV-RX580 GAMING-8GD REV 1.0.rar Download

GIGABYTE RADEON HD 7770 GV-R775D5-1GI GDDR5 REV 0.1.rar Download

GIGABYTE  GV-N760OC-2GB (P2002) Download

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The cooling system of this model - WindForce 3X - consists of one 80 mm and two 90 mm fans with exclusive blade design (the fan located in the center rotates in the opposite direction), as well as 7 heat pipes made of copper and a large radiator from the same material.


The direct contact of the heat pipes and the base of the radiator with the graphics processor, as well as the 3D Active and Screen cooling technologies successfully implemented by the manufacturer in this model, guarantee effective heat removal, high performance and the most favorable temperature conditions. Among the features of the video card, it is worth highlighting adjustable color scheme parameters, 16.7 million shades of colors, many lighting effects, and pairing of the adapter with other AORUS series gadgets.


The back surface of the printed circuit board is covered by a plate made of metal, which properly protects the structure and elements soldered on the card from mechanical stress, for example, when the adapter falls, and also minimizes bending and twisting loads.


In quiet mode the fan noise is very low. To activate a specific mode, you need to restart your PC after switching. OS mode is enabled by default. The external design of the power subsystem, made on the basis of low-resistance CMOS RDSon transistors, balances the load on each transistor during switching, which allows the main elements located in the VRM module to operate in the most practical temperature mode. High quality chokes and capacitors certified under the Ultra Durable program guarantee incredible performance of the video subsystem and extend its service life.

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