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6 interesting facts about Motorola

1. Car radio. What is it for?

Do you think Motorola is just a company that "follows the crowd" and does the same as others? I want to upset you. In 1930, it was this company that invented the world's first car radio. At first they were intended only for the police of the United States of America, and a little later, after it was slightly improved, the car radio from Motorola became public.

Only after ten years and the device from this company does not need to be constantly connected to the car. Mobile communication has become one more area of the company after the radio station SCR-300 was announced. Seen in movies about the Second World War, how do soldiers (we are talking about American soldiers) carry on their back a huge box with an antenna? So this is the radio station from Motorola. To date, this is certainly not a mobile device. But can you imagine how the invention of radio stations helps soldiers on the battlefield?

2. Who invented the first "mobile phone"?

That's right, Motorola. Despite the fact that now the market for mobile devices is ruled by quite other market giants, do not forget about the founders. The world's first mobile phone was called DynaTAC 8000x, it was released in the distant 1983.

3. How did the name of the company appear?

As I mentioned above, the company began its journey with the production of radio receivers for cars. And part of the name "Motor" was included in the name for this reason. If we talk about the ending, then according to some versions, it's just the most popular ending of the names of that time, so it turned out the name "Motorola". But it is also worth noting that initially the company was known as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

4. The First Company on the Moon

Everyone knows the famous words of the American cosmonaut Neil Armstrong, when he landed on the moon? "One small step for man, but a giant leap for all of humanity." These words were heard precisely thanks to the equipment of the company that we are talking about.

5. The best-selling phone of all time

Motorola lags behind such companies as Nokia and Samsung when it comes to the best-selling devices, but with confidence ahead of such giants as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Motorola RAZR was and remains the best-selling phone in the US, more than 130 million units sold. While Apple's flagship devices sold only 100 million in total.

6. Thank you for your browser

iDen i1000 Plus was the first device that had the ability to launch a mobile browser directly from the phone, and also had an installed client to work with the mail.


Well, that's all, this is the most interesting facts about the company Motorola we have run out. If you can supplement our list, then share the knowledge in the comments below. Thank you all, stay with us.